Cost of publication

The International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) publishes original papers on all subjects relevant to computer science.

There are following different ways to deposit fees:

  • 1. By directly depositing in IJCS Journal bank account holder through the nearby bank branch.
  • 2. By transferring fees through their net banking option.
  • 3. PayPal option of IJCS Journal website.

If you belong to China/India/Australia/USA/UK/Africa etc, you can deposit fees by choosing any one of following options:


IJCS cost of article publication (Maximum 3 authors)

Additional author 600/- INR. Others 10$.

Standard Authors (Not Exceeding 15 Pages) USD 30/ INR 1500/EUR 30/CNY 150/ Rand 400*
IJCS Journal Distinguished Authors (Not Exceeding 15 pages) USD 25/ INR 1200/EUR 25/CNY 125 /Rand 350*
Extra Pages (if > 15 Pages) + USD 10/ INR 500/EUR 10 / Rand 100 Per Extra Page

Western Union Transfer option, Money gram, Demand Draft For more clarification, feel free to mail us at

IJCS Journal Exclusive offer for Certificate

E-Certificate (To Mail-Id) “Free of cost”

(To Postal address)

“Per Certificate
500 INR”

IJCS Journal Exclusive offer for Board members & Reviewers

E-Certificate (To Mail-Id) “Free of cost”
(To Postal address)
“Per Certificate
250 INR”
Article Publication
(Only the members)
“Free of cost”
  • Authors from India cannot pay by paypal
  • Rest of the countires can use paypal
  • Other countries people can also use western union money transfer

Other Amount: